Juvenile petty theft Virginia

Being in remission for juvenile stealing will carry some long consequences. The charge is only used when the person is under 18 years old and considered as a minor in the eyes of the law. If you are or a loved one has been arrested for juvenile theft the very first thing to do is to contact with an attorney who specializes in this area. An attorney who’s experienced in representing those charged with juvenile theft will know how to best navigate the legal system on their client’s behalf

Virginia law simply refer to all theft and theft related crime as “larceny”. It is safe to say that in Virginia unlawful taking of property that belong to someone else. In Virginia some very theft related offense


  • Larceny of certain animal and property.
  • Larceny of bank notes and cheques.
  • Unauthorize use of animal, vehicle, aircraft and boat.
  • Taking possession of merchandise.
  • Theft and destruction of public record.
  • Receiving the stolen goods.

Petit Larceny is theft of property or services which are less than $200 or the theft of property valued less than $5 when take directly from another person.

Petit larceny is classified as a class 1 misdemeanor under Virginia law, punish by confinement in jail for mot more then 12 months, a fine of not more than $2500 or both.

Grand Larceny in Virginia occur when a person commit larceny.

  • The value of property or services stolen over $200.
  • The property is valued at $5 or more and is taken from another person.
  • The property stolen is a firearm of any dollar value.

Civil penalties for larceny in Virginia additionally to criminal penalties, an individual UN agency commits thievery in Virginia is also civilly susceptible to the shop owner for

  • Two times the retail value of the merchandise, or $50, whichever is greater. But if the store owner recovers the merchandise in a sellable condition, the penalty will be no more than $350 total.
  • The store owner’s reasonable court costs and attorney fees in an amount of no more than $150.

Effect of Convictions on a Theft Charge in Virginia: If someone commits theft in Virginia whether or not theft, thievery, or the other form of theft offense with a previous conviction for a misdemeanor or law-breaking theft offense, the offense is going to be disciplined by a sentence of confinement in jail for a minimum of thirty days however less than twelve months. additionally, to any fine set by the court. this can be the case whether or not the previous conviction occurred within the state of Virginia or in the other state. moreover, any third or sequent theft offense in Virginia can become a category vi law-breaking that is punishable by imprisonment for one to 5 years or imprisonment in jail for up to twelve months within the decide or jury’s discretion and a fine of no quite $2,500, or both.

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