What is The Penalty for Vehicular Homicide in Virginia?

Drinking while driving can lead to a lot of problems, but people still do it all the time thinking that they might somehow be exempt from the inevitable chance of destructive behavior that comes with this sort of thing. One of the most serious things that could happen if you end up driving while drunk is that you end up hitting someone and potentially end up killing them. This is referred to as involuntary manslaughter, and in the state of Virginia is often referred to specifically as vehicular manslaughter.

The penalty that you are going to end up getting because of vehicular manslaughter can vary quite a bit depending on the sort of state you were in. If your behavior was negligent, you are going to get a much more severe sentence. The same thing goes in cases where you are drunk, a judge is probably going to see this as highly irresponsible behavior and might make it seem like you are even more responsible for what occurred, thus making you deserving of a much harsher punishment overall. If your lawyers are able to prove that you were not as irresponsible as all that, that the culpability for what happened potentially lies with the victim as well at least to some small extent, then you might get away with a much more lax sentence.

There is a range for the sentence that you are going to receive, and this range is decided based on whether you are charged with felony vehicular manslaughter or misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. The latter occurs in situations where you were being slightly irresponsible such as speeding or not driving according to the rules of the road, but were not intoxicated or doing anything extremely irrational or dangerous, essentially anything that could actually put people’s lives in danger.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, then the penalty is going to be very easy for you to deal with indeed. The maximum penalty is a year in prison and a thousand dollar fine, and if you get a really good lawyer you could potentially end up serving even less time in prison. You could also pay a lower fine, or perhaps no fine at all if the prison sentence is given to its fullest extent. If you get a really good lawyer, it is very possible that you could end up serving a lower than maximum prison sentence, so go to prison for less than a year, and not have to pay any fine at all as well! This is the best slap on the wrist that you can hope for.

However, if the crime is being treated as a felony, then the penalty is going to end up being a great deal more severe. The minimum prison sentence will be of one year, and it could potentially go up to ten whole years as well. The fine also goes up to $2,500 dollars in this instance.

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